RJS1 – Month 3

Writing this with an aching back. Baby R is getting big and heavy fast. It is amazing that she is only consuming my milk. Current date October 7 2017. I was able to do 2 job interviews today, while most of my day was about feeding RJS1. Lately, work has been pretty manageable since I put RJS1 in a carrier and do my business. I am getting used to having RJS1 being carried by her yaya while I work. I am also getting to understand her cues and behavior, so going out and traveling around has been more manageable. But diaper changing still remains to be a problem for me. I still do not see how I can change her diaper by myself in a mall, too many hazards. But let us see, late this month will be our first international trip and no maids… So R and I will have to do all the changing ourselves. Exciting and scary times.

Basically her 3rd month, we learned about how she smiles back actively to you when you smile. She also likes human actions rather than her toys. She still has rashes huhu, we will start to use Desitin as per pedia advice. She can also carry her neck, tummy time is about 5 mins I think. She can hold her neck high and can flip herself. She likes to be carried around and does not like being laid in bed without bubu beside her. She still eats a lot, every time she cries (all the time if she is not sleeping) I feed her. She is also very stylish now on her 3rd month, she wears a lot of different clothing lately. Her grandparents and aunts/uncles can now carry her and interact with her. She handled pedia shots well. She even had her first gown fitting for a baguio wedding we will be attending.

I pray that she continues to grow happy and healthy. I hope that my “bitter” genes were not passed onto her. I pray that I can see her smile more. I cannot wait to understand her. I wish that we can be her best friends. 

The biggest story that happened this month was about a crazy investment that I did. I honestly do not know why I allowed myself to be so stupid and greedy, risking my family like that. I invested in a startup farm without the approval of my husband. I thought the farm is legitimate since the owner had a business, she had public aired interviews, and she appears to be in the middle class… it was a real investment deal that I am entering. I always meet with the person I am investing on and the “office/farm/workplace” of what I am investing on, but in this case with RJS1 around, I do not want to risk her traveling far nor going to a farm… so I never met the actual owner not saw the farm. I based my trust on social media updates. So I started to invest in her farm from July to the last day of September 2017. It was really stupid, I went “all in” since she showed contracts with big company clients that I know will not turn back on their word. I got too greedy on the idea that I can provide for my family more especially with christmas around the corner. Little did I know, that the farm owner just photoshopped the contract and placed her name. It was really disgusting. She really planned to scam people from the start of her farm. It was never about helping farmers and OFWs get back here. She has no soul and God will deal with her accordingly. So anyway, I found out too late that she was a fraud, I gave away our money our liquidity on her promises. I risked my family’s financial state to her … someone I did not personally know. Amazingly… by God’s grace, my husband forgave me and gave me just consequences to deal with. I am so blessed to be forgiven by my husband in a heartbeat. I am so embarrassed and grateful that my husband sees above material things. All the hardwork and happiness that my investments earned before, went out the window. It is amazing really, God just merely took away the earnings of my investments since He knew I became too cocky of my skills. When in fact, it was all His gift. God wanted me to see this and save my family which is why He allowed it to happen. He wanted a fresh start, he needed to intervene with my “addiction”. My intentions were good but my heart was not right with my husband so it was bound to fail. The reason I am sharing this is for me to remember the promise I made to God and my husband. I will never bypass this hierarchy in marriage. We will always be a singular unit. Be content and do not do short cuts. We will get there with my husband’s leading. I do not need to worry cause he has me under his care. God takes because He cares. Though I am grateful for God and my husband for this wake up call, it still breaks my heart to see my family saving every cent again. But we will get through this, as promised. Money is not everything. Its values that matter.